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“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
Max Planck, Quantum Physicist

Master's Message


Dear Hiram,

Many years ago, I went to the movie theater to see a film, which received much critical acclaim called Dead Poets Society (1989) starring the late Robin Williams. Set at an all-boy conservative New England Preparatory Academy in the late 1950’s, it relates the story of an English teacher, who inspires students through his unconventional style.

Of the many memorable scenes in the movie, one in particular left me with an indelible impression. It was the lesson that included the students standing on the professor’s desk. The purpose was to teach them that in doing so, their perspective of the classroom they knew so well, had changed. What an extraordinary and emblematic way to impress upon young men, one must constantly look at life in different ways and from different angles. 


In the early 1900’s, Max Planck, a German physicist, Nobel Laureate, and the father of Quantum Mechanics – a branch of Science, which deals with the behavior of matter and its interactions with energy on the subatomic scale –demonstrated when an object was being observed, it actually changed or behaved differently and eventually coined the above quote.


Perhaps we can learn something from the above examples.  How many times have we arrived at a conclusion before all the facts are known? How many times have our prejudices or preconceived notions dictated how we handled a situation? Struggling with this, I try to force myself to look at situations from many different angles in order to have a better understanding of the circumstances. No one is perfect. We all falter from time to time, but let us make a concerted effort this year to hold back judgement, until all the facts are in; to approach situations and people without prejudices or preconceived notions.  More importantly, let us keep our passions within the boundaries taught by the Craft with all mankind especially the brethren.


As always, my brother, until next month and may the God of love and peace delight to dwell with and bless you, 


Paul M. Verzosa 





Ramón E. Cedeño

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